Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting Getting Started, Requirements

A basic Dry Ice blasting system consists of the following elements:

1. A suitably filtered, dry compressed air supply of 250cfm delivering a minimum working pressure of 5.44bar or 80psi. All our blasting systems work more efficiently and effectively with dry, clean compressed air to power the system, delivered via a 1 inch I/D air connection.

2. Dry Ice blasting media. Either 3mm pellets, 10mm nuggets or blocks depending on the application and equipment. see Dry Ice

3. The blasting equipment: Blasting unit. Various units are available suited to the nature of the cleaning application. Our staff will be happy to advise you on the equipment best suited for your cleaning application.

4. Trained operators familiar with all known risks associated with Dry Ice blasting. CryoGenesis (UK) Ltd. provide full training to prospective users and upon completion, a certificate of competence will be issued. See dry ice blasting - training of personnel

5. Personal Protective Equipment. All blast cleaning systems create high noise levels* - up to 125 db(A), Ear protection will therefore be required for the operator and all surrounding personnel.