Equipment Sales

CryoGenesis (UK) limited, Certified Distributor for Coldjet Dry Ice Blasting Systems for the United Kingdom

Over the course of almost two decades in the industry, we have put the majority of Dry Ice Blasting Systems through their paces. We have found that Coldjet are the market leaders in Dry Ice Blasting Technology since they have consistently proven for us and our clients the best performance and reliability, as well as continued improvement and innovation in the field.

Here are some key points we believe a must to consider before purchasing ANY Dry Ice Blasting System

  • Can my System be tailored to best suit my application?
  • What accessories can I purchase for for my System?
  • Dry Ice Blasting is Noisy. How does my System compare to others?
  • Can my System stand up to rugged usage?
  • How portable is my System?
  • Eliminates blasting media entrapment and drying time.