Dry Ice Cleaning

Servicing, Repairs and Refurbishment

Dry Ice Blasting Equipment Servicing

It is recommended that Dry Ice blasting equipment is properly maintained and is used only as described in the owners manual and in accordance with the comprehensive training programme. We also recommend that dry ice blasting equipment is serviced at least every 12 months by one of our our qualified service engineers. This can take place on-site at the customers premises, or at our headquarters in Littlehampton.

Dry Ice Blasting Equipment Repair and Refurbishment

Due to almost 20 years in the dry ice blasting business, we at CryoGenesis have gained extensive experience with a variety of dry ice blasting units of all makes, shapes and sizes which we have been able to repair, refurbish, modify and upgrade. If your Dry Ice blasting system is faulty, in need of a service or modification/upgrade, our fully equipped service centre and experienced engineers can solve your problem and get your system back online. Our help can be given in house at CryoGenesis Head office, On site or by phone and all Dry Ice blasting Systems are welcome.