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Dry Ice Blasting Media

Dry Ice is solid carbon dioxide formed into 3mm blasting pellets which are accelerated at a targeted surface to be cleaned or decontaminated at supersonic speeds via a hand held or in certain applications, a robotized blasting gun. The dry ice product is manufactured and delivered to the end user in specially designed Dry Ice containers to retain its freshness and density.

The containers, or Thermotainers come in 2 sizes, 105kg + 210kg Sufficient for up to 8 hours of dry ice cleaning,depending on how much media is required for the cleaning operation to be completed. Dry Ice is also manufactured in block or nugget form as certain applications and blasting units require the media to be 'shaved' into fine, sugar sized smaller particles before being introduced into the blasting stream. This approach is used for more gentle or delicate cleaning operations where damage to a surface could occur if 3mm pellets were used. An example of this would be Electric motor coil or taped end windings (Above).

Dry Ice Blasting