Dry Ice Blasting

In House Cleaning Services

CryoGenesis (UK) Ltd. Dry Ice Blasting Centre

In addition to sales and hires of Dry Ice blasting equipment to industry, we at CryoGenesis also offer the customer the option to have machinery and components to be professionally Cryogenically cleaned by our experienced team of trained operators. This can either take place at the customer's premises See On site cleaning or at our dedicated cleaning centre in Littlehampton West Sussex. Our facility incorporates a custom designed, 4 x 3 x 3 metre, fully sound attenuated dry ice cleaning booth with extraction. An innocuous wash down agent is also provided within to degrease and protect surfaces prior to, during and after the dry ice cleaning has taken place.

In House Dry Ice Blasting of Printing Press Equipment

At the CryoGenesis cleaning centre, printing press equipment has been dry ice cleaned since 1996. The printing industry were one of the first industries to adopt the CryoGenesis blasting systems in the United Kingdom as an alternative to traditional solvent based cleaning methods. Printing press equipment cleaning process flow description.