Dry Ice Cleaning

What Is Dry Ice Cleaning?

Dry ice cleaning is a technologically advanced, environmentally responsible surface preparation and cleaning method for all industries. Here at Cryogenesis, our dry ice cleaning services are ISO-certified, suitable for a range of industries and applications, and provided in line with NEBOSH health and safety management.

The process of cleaning using dry ice has been perfected by our team here at Cryogenesis to provide the best results, and follows these steps:

• Dry ice (solid CO2 at - 78.5°C) is formed into 3mm rice like pellets (Drice®).

• These are ground into tiny particles the size of sugar crystals.

• The particles are accelerated to supersonic speeds via a blasting unit to the surface to be cleaned.

• Upon impact, the dry ice immediately turns into vapour expanding up to 540 times its volume.

• The energy produced during this conversion is chiefly responsible for the actual cleaning process.

• The vapour disappears, leaving only the removed contaminant itself for disposal, unlike conventional blast cleaning methods. Dry Ice cleaning is non-abrasive to the impacted surface.

cryogenesis process