On Site Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning Services In addition to our in-house cleaning, sales and hire services, CryoGenesis also offer an on site contracting service across the UK and abroad.

We can arrange for the blasting equipment, the dry ice blasting media, a suitable compressed air supply and a team of trained and experienced operators to carry out professional CryoGenic cleaning at your premises.

Service applications

Some typical on site cleaning applications we have successfully undertaken include:

Electrical Generation and Electronics Industry

CryoGenesis (UK) Ltd. work closely together with the major manufacturers of rotating electrical equipment to provide a specialist on site CryoGenic cleaning service throughout the UK and overseas. We have vast experience in the decontamination of many types Generators, Electric motors and Gas and steam turbines.

Adhesives,Cement and Resin Decontamination

The CryoGenesis on site cleaning service is available to decontaminate cement and unwanted adhesives and resins from machinery used in a wide range of industries. In the past our On-Site cleaning team have been contracted to decontaminate machinery varying in size from small process jigs to 3 articulated trailers that had been standing for 18 years in a cement factory in a hot, overseas environment.